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"I encourage writing and reading efficiency with quick and easy strategies that can be used anywhere."

Sarah Gatter

About Me

I am based in Cornwall; close to Falmouth University and within travelling distance of the smaller colleges. I cover Truro, St. Austell, Falmouth, Newquay, Redruth and Camborne areas.

I originally trained as a teacher of art and design; frequently assisting adult learners, aged 14 plus with diverse learning difficulties. Having thoroughly enjoyed the practical side of making art and teaching, I became curious about the number of students who could create inspiring artworks, yet struggled in other areas. 

Common difficulties included writing about their creative influences and inspirations or technical processes. As my interest grew, I decided to further my understanding of diverse learning methods and trained specifically as a tutor in dyslexia skills.

My teaching strategies are often developed with creativity in mind and I support learners to build on their weaker areas by utilising their strengths. These strengths can include:

  • Resourcefulness

  • Advanced spatial awareness and 3D thinking

  • Multi sensory response to colours and sounds

  • Thoughtful and perceptive approaches to problem solving

The techniques I employ work for everyone of all ages and abilities, whether or not they are experiencing learning differences. It works with learners of all subjects, whether or not they have been diagnosed as dyslexic. 

In the SpLD dyslexia training (Level 5 OCR accredited by the British Dyslexia Association) I taught children as well as adults, while continuing to work with both Primary and Secondary Key Stage groups.

For a time, I guided and assessed other teaching candidates working towards the OCR Level 5 certificate in dyslexia. This role included carrying out observations of their work, making recommendations, assessing their decisions and written reflections.

I am also experienced at working with dyslexia as a co-morbid condition, alongside other disabilities such as:

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  • ADHD

  • ASD

  • Dyspraxia

  • Physical health conditions

  • Mental health

One of my older students, who is recovering from a stroke, has found the sequencing and task switching techniques very useful in their management of daily tasks, as well as their return to work through gentle academic study.

Much of my prior art teaching was therapeutic in nature, so although I’m not a qualified art therapist, I have worked extensively in creative art therapy settings and there are elements from these experiences that crossover into my one to one teaching.

I continue my own creative work as a visual artist, ceramicist, sound artist and musician, occasionally running community art workshops.

As well as art history, I keep up to date with my passions for community arts, therapeutic and visual arts.

I regularly update my knowledge of dyslexia and consolidate my teaching skills through Continuing Professional Development.


Professional membership with SET (School of Education & Training)


A Professional Member


ATS Qualified - Approved Teaching Specialist (ATS) specialising in Specific Learning Difference (SpLD and dyslexia)

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"My son's confidence in his academic abilities was low after starting at secondary school and being diagnosed as dyslexic. Sarah takes a gentle and creative approach, which has helped him start to grow in confidence and begin to enjoy learning again. He was reluctant to have a tutor but now he really appreciates the one to one time with Sarah."

Anna Logan, Parent of Year 8 pupil