dyslexia processdyslexia process

"Let me provide you with the skills and confidence to manoeuvre through any type of education, academic study or work based learning, including exams, assessments and presentations."

Sarah Gatter

The Process

When you get in touch, we can chat about areas where you want to improve. If we decide my teaching service is right for your needs, we will arrange a meeting and complete a referral form.

At the introductory meeting we begin identifying areas that may have an affect on how you learn, such as your speech and language or medications you may be taking, along with software or equipment you want to use in our sessions.

Before the teaching sessions can start, I’ll need a signed consent form, either from you or a parent/carer depending on your age.

A risk assessment process for lone working is also carried out, in line with health and safety requirements, so we can establish a mutually safe and comfortable learning environment.

If you have completed a diagnostic assessment, I will work with that, however this does not change the teaching process, since I will do my own short assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. None of this requires me to speak with anyone else, although it can be useful talking with someone who knows you well, such as a tutor, if you agree.

The learning and teaching process is divided into six week blocks, where the first six sessions are concentrated on gently assessing your areas of learning, while looking at specific academic coursework or work requirements you are undertaking.

These six sessions also enable me to teach the fundamentals of dyslexia skills, while discovering and nurturing your unique learning style. 

*Hover over the bullet pointed words below for explanations of included areas.

  • Phonological awareness

  • Phonics

  • Word Attack

  • Multi sensory learning

At the end of each six week block, we evaluate what may need reinforcing and where to go next in the learning process, as we build a toolkit of skills to move you confidently forward.

There is no set minimum or maximum number of sessions. Everyone has different needs, however the initial six are recommended. At the end of each session, we spend a few minutes reviewing your progress, so that every session is reinforcing and sequential.


This is an additional service, supporting employers and/or employees with dyslexic or neurological conditions and providing information on workplace adjustment.

I can advise on practical solutions for the efficient and accessible organisation of paperwork and files. This includes methods to reduce visual stress on computers, rapid note taking and presentation techniques.

We also look at software, including free apps that may be useful to you and your team, plus strategies that are inclusive and maximise workforce efficiency. This role can be carried out with any size of group or one to one with individuals. Please contact me for an informal discussion about your requirements.

Please note that I am not a dyslexia assessor. My focus is on teaching.

"Sarah supported me to organise my time better as well as keeping me on track, and her ability to help me gently approach the workload by breaking down the assignments together in the sessions was really helpful."

Max P, BA Creative Music Technology